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Season 2017

For the 2017 season, Isack is starting his 1st year in the Junior category 

( OK-J and X30-J, 12-14 years old ) in National and International



 1.  Isack’s main program will be his participation in the French OK Junior Championship organized by the FFSA Academy.

Thanks to Teknic for their support.





2.  Within the Kart Pro Racing (KPR) / Redspeed team and with the support of Teknic, it is planned to participate in 8 national and international races:


  • X30 Challenge France Talent: Lavelanet (March 5), Mirecourt (September 10) 

  • IAME international OPEN: Castelletto, It (April 16) 

  • X30 Euro Series: Salbris (May 21) 

  • CIK-FIA, 3rd round of the OK-J European Championship: Le Mans (July 2) 

  • French Championship X30J: ESSAY (July 9) 

  • IAME international FINAL: Le Mans, Fr (October 15) 

  • Kart Festival X30J: Varennes (October 29)